Welcome to my version of Funko’s┬áPop Vault. Here you’ll find information on the vault, such as the most recently vaulted pops, the vault sorted by collection or series, statistical information and so on.

I originally wrote the backend and analysis of the vault in Python, but have had to switch to PHP in the short term, at least for some of the site. As such, certain parts of the site are a bit wonky, and might not be exact. For example, at the moment, both Disney – Series 1 and NBA – Series 1 pops are combined into the same series group. I’ll work up a fix to this shortly.

The site checks the Funko Vault daily, and I intend on working on a mailing list service so that you can be notified when new pops are added to the vault. I’ll probably give the option of daily or weekly emails.

In the mean time, enjoy the search feature (if it breaks somehow let me know!), browsing by collection or series, and let me know how you find the site, or any other features you want to see.

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